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What Our Students Say

I thought the level of service you provided was exceptional. Radio communications are important for a boat such as ours in which we undertake both coastal and off shore passages.

– John, Auckland

Jeez mate you are quick…
Thanks for all your help, you’re a star.

– Ross, Wanaka

I am impressed with your rapid response and excellent service. A few organisations over this side of the Tasman could learn a lot from you.

– Graham, Queensland

I actually find your website excellent as it reduces the seemingly complicated into a simple process, so well done. Keep up the great service.

– Tom, Waitara

Quick, Efficient and outstanding service.
Good on ya 🙂

– Tony, Waitakere

eNautical’s attitude and service level was exemplary. It is what most organisations try to aspire to but never achieve.

– Terry & Lois, St Katharine's Dock, London

eNautical has been a tremendous help to me. The study material is very comprehensive and extremely helpful and buying it online made it both easy and convenient.

– Jaracz, Maui Oil Platform, Taranaki

I have recommended eNautical to everyone and anyone looking to get relevant maritime certifications. It makes a world of difference when you start off on the right track – eNautical puts you on that track!

– Jaracz, Maui Oil Platform, Taranaki

After studying with eNautical, I found out just how valuable the learning was when I broke down on my boat. Thanks to eNautical, Coastguard was able to locate & communicate with me with ease. Thanks eNautical!

– Michael, West Harbour

I have completed the MROC course exam today.
I was tested and passed by Wayne Middleton at Christchurch.

– Craig, Rolleston

You absolute LEGEND! Never thought it would be that easy.
Thanks so much and have a great weekend. 🙂

– Helen, Half Moon Bay

Thank you eNautical, you have been more than helpful and I really appreciate it.
With thanks.

– Aaron, Leigh