Under national law and international agreements, all radio transmissions are legally required to be individually identifiable, and the best way of doing this is with a marine radio callsign.

Callsigns are registered on a national search and rescue database. This allows search and rescue authorities access to information about you and your vessel to help locate you faster in an emergency.

Should a SSB callsign be required, we allow eNautical MRROC Students to register one free Marine Radio MF/HF (SSB) or MF/HF & VHF Callsign as part of our MRROC Home Study Package.

In addition, an MMSI will also be issued by Radio Spectrum Management.

This makes the MRROC Home Study Course excellent value – a callsign alone can retail for $35-$50. This way you receive not only the Online MRROC Home Study Course but included is a free Marine Radio MF/HF & VHF or MF/HF (SSB) Callsign.

Free Marine VHF + SSB Callsign included
Marine MF/HF & VHF Radio Callsign + MMSI