Yacht Charter Crew Course

Going on a yacht charter? As a crew member? Want to contribute? Then this course is for you. Authors Samantha Burrough and Neil Collier are proven professionals and ideally positioned to write this course. They own and run BlueFoot Travel which is a crewed yacht charter experience in the Caribbean. Their yacht “Nemo” is a Gib’Sea 51 foot monhull. Neil is an accreditied RYA Yacht Master Ocean, RYA Cruising Instructor, and NauticEd Captain Level V instructor. Samantha (Sam) holds an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore accreditation. Each year Sam and Neil have dozens of guests visiting for adventures up and down the Caribbean. They consistantly are teaching folks how to enjoy their time afloat and learn if they want to learn or how to just kick back if they want. Come join Sam, Neil, and Nemo and learn how to be a great yacht charter crewmember.

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