The Coastguard VHF Course or Maritime VHF Radio Operator Certificate (MVOC) is administered by Coastguard Boating Education. The course and qualification is based on NZQA unit standard 19491.

The Coastguard VHF Course is administered by Coastguard who deliver the course, issue the certificates and maintain records of the certificate holders.

The Coastguard VHF Course is not a qualification that Radio Spectrum Management delivers

There is no eqivalent VHF only radiotelephony operator's qualification administered by Radio Spectrum Management.

Our recommended course for qualification to operate a VHF Marine Radio is the Maritime Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate:

Coastguard VHF Course
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Requirement Coastguard VHF Course
Covers Maritime MF, HF and VHF radiotelephony No
Covers vessels equipped with VHF marine radio and travelling overseas No
Covers use of marine radio aboard a vessel carrying single sideband (SSB) radiotelephone No
Covers use on commercial vessels No
Covers use of marine radio outside of New Zealand waters No
Qualification recognised worldwide No
Recognised under ITU Radio Regulations 2008 No

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