Furuno FCV628 Color LCD, 600W, 50/200 KHz Operating Frequency Fish Finder without Transducer, 5.7″

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5.7″ color LCD
600 Watt transmitter
50/200 KHz operating frequency

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Furuno 5.7″ color LCD Fish finder, manufacturer’s part number FCV628, with accu-fish, bottom discrimination, and rezboost. 600 Watts, 50/200Khz. Bottom discrimination requires specific transducer, sold separately. The 5.7″ FCV628 uses revolutionary new rezboost technology that increases resolution and improves target separation utilizing a Compact, narrowband transducer. Rezboost is a revolutionary new signal processing technology developed by Furuno that improves resolution and target separation when using conventional narrowband transducers. With rezboost, not only can you expect higher resolution and crisper visuals, but also improvements in the accu-fish function. Accu-fish is a Fish size assessment function of FCV628 that is proprietary to Furuno. In order to assess individual Fish size, echo returns are evaluated based on strength and turned into Fish size display on screen. Accu-fish can detect Fish size from 10 to 199 cm, in depths of 2 to 100 M. The Fish Mark can be utilized to display individual Fish echoes when they are detected. It helps beginners to identify Fish echoes for a more engaging fishing experience. Fish marks are selectable from either a Circle or Square, as well as, two Fish symbols. The Fish symbols, displayed in two different sizes (large: over 50 cm, small: 10 to 49 cm), are a great help for anglers when identifying individual Fish. The Circle and Square symbols identify individual Fish Without hiding the underlying echo. Fcv628’s bottom discrimination function enables the Fish finder to indicate whether the bottom is composed mainly of rocks, Gravel, sand or mud. The bottom discrimination function provides you with valuable information that helps you locate rich fishing grounds, and boost your catch of the day. The White line function distinguishes Fish from the seabed. This function is useful for discriminating bottom Fish as well as judging Fish school density.

5.7″ color LCD
600 Watt transmitter
50/200 KHz operating frequency
Zoom, bottom lock, a-scope
Transducer sold separately
Fast transmission rate of 3,000 PRR (Pulse Repetition Rate) per minute (at 5 meter depth range)

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