Pretty Affiliate Link


New affiliates to our Affiliate Program can retrieve their custom tracking code by logging into the eNautical mTracker Affiliate System.

Affiliates will soon find that their custom tracking code will look something like this:

A long URL such as this is fine for embedding into image and text links, however to display the true URL as text on a website just isn’t pretty! That’s why eNautical is happy to offer our affiliates our “Pretty Link” service!

Pretty Affiliate Link

eNautical encourages affiliates to take advantage of our Pretty Link service. We have special software installed on our servers to generate shortened URL’s to cloak your custom affiliate link.

Contact us and we will shorten your affiliate link so that it looks something like this:

What’s more you can even customise and select your own pretty link.

Affiliate statistics and click throughs are still tracked and you can continue to see the results of your campaigns immediately within your Affiliate Control Panel.

Pretty Affiliate Link for Approved Marine Radio Examiners

Ministry of Economic Development Authorised Examiners can advertise their eNautical Affiliate link on the Radio Spectrum Management website.

And the shorter your link, the prettier it will look!

RSM has agreed to include on their website your eNautical Affiliate link as part of your examiner details. Registered students clicking on your link via the Radio Spectrum Management website will earn you a referral commission on our MRROC Home Study Course whether you actually examine the referred applicant or not. eNautical can arrange this for you with your permission (at no charge).

eNautical recommends that you take advantage of this opportunity as a passive income can be generated by publicising your pretty affiliate link via this medium.


  • Contact us for further information or to generate your Pretty Affiliate Link