MRROC Syllabus


Maritime Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate Syllabus

The eNautical MRROC Home Study Course covers the following Maritime Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate Syllabus:

Radiotelephone operation and procedures.

  • Distress, Urgency, and Safety calls (MF/VHF).  Nature of required information.
  • Distress, Urgency, and Safety messages.
  • Acknowledgement, Relaying, and Control of Distress traffic.  Role of coast stations, role of ship stations
  • Restricted working signal.  Meaning of.
  • Resumption of normal working signal.
  • Alarm signals.  Type and purpose.  Subsequent action
  • Common frequencies and channels.

Ability to send correctly and to receive correctly by radiotelephone.

  • Types of maritime stations, use of callsigns and other identities.
  • Operating procedure.  Frequency bands, types of message.
  • Radio watch requirements, radio logbook.
  • Voyage or Trip reports.  Purpose, type of information, agency concerned.
  • Medical advice.  Nature of requirements, how to achieve information.

General knowledge of the Regulations applying to radiotelephone communications and specifically that part of those Regulations relating to distress and safety of life.

Radio Apparatus licences and operators’ certificates.  STCW Requirements.

  • Approved radio apparatus.
  • Notification of changes relating to licences, ownership, or apparatus.
  • Secrecy of correspondence.
  • Transmissions in harbour
  • testing of radio apparatus.  Regulatory provisions.
  • Interference.  Causes, control of.
  • Phonetic alphabet, International code of Signals.
  • EPIRB’s, type, operation, frequency usage

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