Maritime Radio


Needing to get qualified in order to use your maritime radio? The MRROC covers mandatory requirements and is compulsory for vessels equipped with VHF maritime radio and travelling overseas, commercial vessels and those with SSB.

The 7-step process to getting your maritime radio licence the smart way

  1. Firstly, enroll for our Online MRROC Home Study Course and you’ll immediately receive your username and password.
  2. Login to the eNautical Secure Study Facility from anywhere in the world online in the comfort of your own home, anytime!
  3. Start your study experience by downloading the marine education package and course material.
  4. Follow the online instructions checking off each completed task.
  5. Sit our MRROC mock exam online to test your knowledge before the real exam!
  6. Organise a passport photo or digitial photograph and proof of your identity for your MRROC Licence & Certificate.
  7. We’ll then put you in touch with a local Ministry Accredited Examiner (New Zealand only) for your 30-minute maritime radio exam (additional exam fee applies).

It really is that easy!

Learning made easy – easily obtain your MRROC Qualification