It’s hard to go undetected by RSM Compliance

RSM Compliance is now better equipped to detect unlicensed radiocommunication signals anywhere and anytime in New Zealand.

A new mass signal detection and analysis system has been implemented, which allows Radio Inspectors to scan multiple bands and return a table of active frequencies. The upgrade better equips Radio Inspectors to detect unlicensed signals in a crowded spectrum, and improve frequency compliance audits and interference investigations. The mass signal detection and analysis system can be activated either locally or remotely via internet control.

At the recent North Harbour FIFA under 20 football event, Radio Inspectors trialled the additional capability based on a “geolocation” technique. The result quickly returned a geographic depiction of where a transmission of interest was located, shown as a red “hot spot” in the photo below.

Transmisions show up as hot spots on a map

RSM plans to progressively increase its capability in the above areas to improve the probability of intercepting unlicensed and/or interfering radio signals and thus protect and add value to Radiocommunications in New Zealand.