Marine Radio Examiners

Approved Marine Radio Examiners (ARX) available for public work

Radio Spectrum Management’s Register of Maritime Radio Operator Examiners are approved for the Maritime Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate (MRROC).




Information for Examiners

eNautical thanks all approved marine radio examiners for undertaking the assessment of MRROC candidates.

An an ARX, you may be contacted from time to time by students who have completed the eNautical MRROC Home Study Course. Applicants will have enrolled through eNautical  and will have undertaken our online Home Study Course readying themselves for the formal MRROC examination. Note that no exam fee is paid to eNautical (this will be up to the individual examiner to arrange directly with the applicant).

  • You may view your contact details at any time and can easily update the information displayed on this Google Map by contacting eNautical.

Marine Affiliate Program

We encourage all Examiners to signup to our Marine Affiliate Program – this is an exciting opportunity to earn a commission on our online courses whether you actually examine the referred applicant or not. Our affiliates earn 30% commission on every sale referred to the eNautical website. Commissions are not only paid on sales of our MRROC Home Study Course, but also on multiple student enrolments. A single sale can result in a payout to you of up to $35.97.

It’s free to join our Affiliate Program and by signing up, you’ll also be part of a community dedicated to encouraging boating safety and teaching the electronic lifeline of marine radio.