Marine Education


Marine Education – MRROC Home Study Course

Starting your marine education – here’s what you will receive as part of the eNautical MRROC Home Study Course:

Lifetime Membership

  • Instant eNautical membership is granted to our Online Secure Study Facility.


MRROC Home Study Course – covering VHF & HF/SSB

  • The Course package includes Study Guide, Radio Handbook, Mock Exam, access to Maritime New Zealand’s YouTube library and full support (excludes exam). All products are delivered electronically and are available for immediate download 24-hours a day.


eNautical MRROC Home Study Guide

  • Comprehensive learning guide detailing exactly what you need to know for the exam.
  • Includes phonetic alphabet learning resources.
  • A final checklist is also included – if you can answer yes to all these questions then you’re prepared to sit the exam!
  • We also detail what the exact requirements will be on the day of the exam – no unexpected surprises!

MRROC Study Guide

MRROC Mock Exam

  • What better way to instantly get an indication of how prepared you are prior to sitting the real exam. The questions are typical of the questions that you may face and you can go over it again and again until you’re a master! An aggregate mark of 70% will be required to pass the real exam.


Radio Handbook – your guide to marine communication

  • The Radio Handbook is a guide to operators of both ship and coastal radio stations, including operators of VHF and SSB radios.

MRROC Handbook

Instant Digital Delivery of MRROC Home Study Course – 24-hours a day


Free Marine VHF+SSB Radio Callsign

  • One Free Marine Radio MF/HF (SSB) or MF/HF & VHF Callsign issued with every MRROC Home Study Course.



MRROC Home Study Course