Learn to Sail


If you want to learn to sail, improve your sailing skills or qualify for your International Certificate of Competence, then you have come to the right place!

eNautical has affiliated with the NauticEd Sailing School – the world’s most advanced learn to sail certification program and provides students with access to the RYA Day Skipper Course and an unparalleled network of learn to sail training centres around the globe. NauticEd has invested years working with the world’s top charter companies to develop an internationally accepted sailing resume that can be attained with the appropriate learn to sail education and experience.

We welcome you to try NauticEd’s online sailing courses before you begin to learn to sail on the water. With thousands of learn to sail students worldwide, we are confident you will be impressed with the technology used in NauticEd’s learn to sail courses and sailing curriculum.

NauticEd Learn to Sail Opportunities

  • Take advantage of NauticEd’s free basic sail trim sailing course
  • Sign up for NauticEd’s free Rules of the Nautical Road Sailing Course
  • Use the free interactive multimedia sailing instructor – NED
  • Try the free NauticEd sailing course calculator to help you decide on the best path to take
  • Start working toward your International Certificate of Competence (ICC)
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Join our huge boating education community and learn to sail from our professional network of sailing schools

Getting Started to Learn to Sail

To make a start, invest in NauticEd’s RYA Day Skipper Theory Course. The Day Skipper Course is presented in bite size modules with milestone review questions along the way. Students self grade to ensure understanding of the learning material. The final exam is graded by an RYA approved assessor.