International Certificate of Competence


All RYA courses are run through NauticEd, an RYA Training Centre.

Through eNautical’s affiliation with NauticEd, who have an alliance with the Royal Yachting Association, we assist our students achieve the RYA Day Skipper Course and International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

New Zealand and Australia have adopted the RYA system. NauticEd combines high-tech eLearning with on the water training – no other program in the world offers this. Everything is perfectly managed for you inside NauticEd’s cloud based sailing logbook and automatically generated sailing resume. Yacht Charter companies world-wide recognise these achievements and will grant a Bareboat Charter approved status based on your NauticEd sailing resume.

The ICC and Evidence of Competence Abroad

Please visit the RYA, which provides all the correct and current information regarding the ICC, and what the requirements are and how to go about obtaining this qualification:

What is the ICC and why obtain it?

The ICC is the world’s only true sailing licence for recreational boaties.

Holding the ICC is now mandatory if you are sailing in Europe and its requirement is spreading worldwide. In addition, many countries (outside of the 22 European member states) who are not signatories to United Nations resolution, still demand the ICC through local marine law.

There is currently no other sailing qualification that is government issued and UN accepted.

Requirements of ICCICC

The requirement to obtain your International Certificate of Competence is to demonstrate competence in all areas of sailing (both theory and practical):

  • Rules of preventing collision
  • Navigation techniques
  • Safety of lives at sea
  • Understanding lights and buoys
  • Meteorology
  • Tides and currents
  • Good seamanship

Obtaining your ICC

Your first step is to pass the online RYA Day Skipper Course through NauticEd. This theory course covers everything required by the United Nations who authorise the International Certificate of Competence.

NauticEd’s approved RYA Day Skipper Course provides students with the level of instruction required to pass the theory portion of the ICC. For New Zealand students, after passing the Day Skipper theory component, NauticEd will direct you to visit an RYA Training Centre in your area to complete the “on water” component.

Day Skipper Course

There are two options in completing the on the water practical component through an approved ICC issuing RYA Training Centre – the following is the process eNautical recommends:

  • First complete the NauticEd RYA Day Skipper Course online.
  • Next, complete a five day on the water RYA Day Skipper Certification and training program. At the end of the 5-days, and provided competence is demonstrated, you will be awarded the RYA Day Skipper Certificate which automatically qualifies your achievement for your International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

Approved ICC Issuing Training Centres

The RYA is the largest governing body appointed to issue the United Nations ICC. Approved RYA Training Centres are able to issue the ICC to english and non-english citizens. For kiwis, this means you can easily gain the ICC through the eNautical affiliation with NauticEd, an approved RYA Training Centre.