Home Study Course Pricing


The cost for the entire MRROC Home Study Course is $59.95 (excludes exam fee). This includes Home Study Guide, Mock Exam, Radio Handbook – your guide to marine communication, access to Maritime New Zealand’s YouTube library, Free Marine Radio MF/HF (SSB) or MF/HF & VHF Callsign, full support and lifetime membership.

Home Study Course Special Offer

  • We have a special offer that allows you to register a second person for just $39.95. We encourage you to enrol a second person so you can study with them – this could be your partner or a boating buddy.
  • To take advantage of the $39.95 deal you must place your order through this link.

To see the full contents of your marine education package and what you will receive as part of your eNautical MRROC Home Study Course click here.

MRROC Home Study Course