Day Skipper Course Pricing


Day Skipper Getting Started Pack

Day Skipper Course

NauticEd has designed a getting started package of just US$155. This economy package gives access to the RYA Day Skipper Course, however the student cannot submit the final exam for grading. The student will need to eventually upgrade to the full Day Skipper Course pack where exam submission is activated. The upgrade to the full pack is an additional US$195. Included in the Getting Started Pack is a set of Day Skipper evaluation test blocks to aid in progression. Also included are RYA charts, almanacs, books, electronic navigation CD, and reference material.

Full Day Skipper Course Pack

The full Day Skipper Course Pack is US$350 – here, exam submission is enabled and the Instructor/Evaluator fee is prepaid. A free Portland plotter and set of dividers is included when the Full Day Skipper Course Pack is purchased at the outset.

When you pass this course you are issued with the RYA Day Skipper Theory Course and Exam complete certificate.

Day Skipper Course Pricing Summary

  • Getting Started Pack: US$155 – includes charts and almanac (exam not graded)
  • Full Pack: US$350 – includes charts and almanac plus a Portland chart plotter and dividers.