New Charts for the Chatham Islands

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) has today published a set of three new nautical charts to improve maritime safety, and support shipping and fishing operations, around the Chatham Islands.

Developed in response to a request from the Chatham Islands harbourmaster, the charts are the culmination of a body of work over several years by the New Zealand Hydrographic Authority (NZHA) within LINZ.

“The charts that currently represent the Chatham Islands have not been updated since October 1995 – just over 18 years ago,” says LINZ Hydrography Manager Andrea McDonald.

“As such, LINZ commissioned a hydrographic survey of the region – with the results also being used to update an existing chart for the Chatham Islands to better reflect maritime hazards.”

From today official nautical charts are available from approved retailers, with digital versions available to download free of charge from the LINZ website in early January.

“Both shipping and fishing are integral to the Chatham Islands’ economy, and there is also potential for maritime tourism – ie cruise operations – in the region.

“This means it is vital that mariners are able to access high quality and up to date navigation information for the Chatham Islands region.”