Boating Education


Two boating education courses are offered at eNautical. We offer the Maritime Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate and the RYA Day Skipper Course.

eNautical believes in only offering fully transferable qualifications that are internationally recognised and accepted worldwide – this is why we have deliberately chosen not to offer Coastguard’s Maritime VHF Operator Certificate or Coastguard Day Skipper Course.

VHF Marine Radio Course

The Maritime Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate is a boating education course covering both VHF and SSB marine radio. The MRROC covers mandatory requirements and is compulsory for vessels equipped with VHF marine radio and travelling overseas, commercial vessels and those carrying single sideband sets (SSB). There are many advantages in obtaining the MRROC over other boating education courses – the eNautical Home Study Course covers the use of marine radio outside of New Zealand waters and the qualification is recognised worldwide.

MRROC Home Study Course

Day Skipper Course

Day Skipper Course

The NauticEd Day Skipper Course has been endorsed by the RYA as an approved RYA Day Skipper Theory Course.

Successfully pass NauticEd’s Day Skipper Course on-line together with the practical training/test at any of the 500 RYA Training Centres in the world and you will obtain the RYA Day Skipper Certificate. Achieving this qualification automatically makes you eligible to be awarded the ICC – International Certificate of Competence.

The ICC is the world’s only true sailing licence for recreational boaties. Holding the ICC is now mandatory if you are sailing in Europe and its requirement is spreading worldwide.