Affiliate Marketing Resources

We have prepared a great number of resources that our affiliates may use. Noboddy clicks old-school static banners anymore so we had a selection of awesome animated banners professionally designed for our affiliates. We will continue to add additional resources to our portfolio over time, but please contact us if there’s anything you need.

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 eNautical reinvented banners!

Pretty Affiliate Link

Animated Graphic Downloads

Our graphic designers have produced a series of high quality banners (animated GIFs) of different sizes that have been tested to convert unlike anything else you have seen! They work great with pay per click campaigns or you can simply embed any of the images in your website – they beg to be clicked!

Animiated 125 x 125 Affiliate Banner

Animiated 200 x 200 Affiliate Banner

Animiated 250 x 250 Affiliate Banner

Animiated 300 x 250 Affiliate Banner

Animiated 468 x 60 Affiliate Banner

Animiated 728 x 90 Affiliate Banner

Animiated 120 x 600 Affiliate Banner

Animiated 160 x 600 Affiliate Banner